Tips for working from home during this quarantine Covid19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the entire world in a situation never seen before. The population should stay at home, but this does not mean staying at home as if you were sick or on vacation, the challenge of staying at home and working from there, therefore we have a series of suggestions that will help you work from home, without this becoming an impossible challenge to carry out.

* Create a comfortable work-space that suits your needs but at the same time, it is important to keep the leisure and workspaces of the house separate, this will help you focus on your work activity without distractions.
* It is also recommended to establish a routine and prepare the workplace in advance.
As much as possible, if space resembles an office, it will be easier for you to adapt when working from home.
If you want to build a more positive environment, do not hesitate to put elements that transmit energy and at the same time, provide tranquility, being relaxed allows you to have a greater concentration on work tasks and greater performance for it, therefore, one of the decorative elements that provide more vitality and more energy throughout the day are roses, they will forever be an element that cannot be missing in your favorite place, in this world situation for many going out to buy them is not an easy task, but there are places that specialize in taking them to the place where you are, in case you did not know, the trend is that now natural roses can last from a year to three of useful life, now you can enjoy fresh roses for longer, these eternal roses can come in different presentations, in hat boxes or acrylic boxes, in any presentation they look fantastic, if you want to know more, about the roses in acrylic box, you can enter this link or follow us in Instagram

* Establish a work schedule.
This precept is important since it will allow you to increase productivity in which you will be able to see greater and better results.
* Dress as if you really are going to the office or workplace.
Dressing appropriately is as important as separating your place of leisure and work within the house since it will make you feel more productive, active and with a more professional approach, given that it has a lot to do with mood, not It is the same to present a work project dressed in pajamas than to be in an outfit that makes you look like an entire businessman or manager of a major firm, believe or not everything comes into play, try it and you will see the difference, with all this not I suggest that you dress in a gala dress, but if you wear an outfit that suits your lifestyle.

* Maintain contact with coworkers.
Keeping in touch with your coworkers will remind you that you continue with the same job responsibilities and not on vacation, this feeling will help you stay tuned to everything related to your work.

* Highlight the most important tasks of your company or job.
Establishing a list of priorities will make you feel that you have everything under control without falling into a state of stress due to the disorder since stress is often produced by feelings of anxiety caused by situations that you think have gotten out of control.

* Do not lose motivation.
Over time it is likely that you will lose motivation and it is important to motivate yourself, look for material related to being motivated, we do not know how long all this will take, therefore it is best to get the idea that for now, this is what we have and we must be happy with what we have, above all avoid negative comments, after all, you choose what you want to hear or not.

* Define moments
Define moments to read emails, phone calls, use of social networks, reading blogs, use of WhatsApp, remember to establish an order of priorities.
Most importantly, live in the moment in the midst of uncertainty and make your workplace a place that transmits tranquility, harmony, and energy with essential decorative elements such as acrylic boxes of eternal roses.


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