What are our Eternity Roses ?

What Are our Eternity Roses?

Eternity Roses are Acrylic and Round jewel boxes with roses that can last one or more years with proper care. Our own unique design arrangements make the best impression when is handed to a friend or relatives. Because of their impressive beauty, Eternity Roses arrangements are perfect for any occasion like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Weddings, special events, anniversaries or any other event that needs a touch of your heart.

Are our Eternity Roses Real?

Of course, they are. Confidently we can say we provide the best real roses from Ecuador which is the best Roses harvest in the World. They are cultivated under a natural environment and that is why they have that perfect looking.

How our Eternity Roses are Made?

All begins in Ecuador Country, where Roses are cultivated in a natural environment until it's full sizes. Once it has reached its peak bloom, the roses are harvest and sent same day to a laboratory where their "stabilization" process starts in order to preserve their stunning beauty. After that, they are pigmented with the very last technology and this is what makes Eternity Roses last longer and very colorful.

are our Eternity Roses good to Last a Year or more?

Of Course. They can last one or more years if all the care described in the instruction card is given to them. You could have an arrangement that maintain their freshness and biological structure for more than a year and will last a lot longer than a traditional rose arrangement. Their delicate rose scent will last minimum two weeks, allowing you to feel the fragrance of fresh-cut roses for longer time than a traditional rose arrangement.

this is the secret to preserved Eternity Roses longer 

In order to assure that your Eternity Roses from Ecuador last as long as possible, there is very little care involved mentioned in the card included in your box. Remember that your boxed rose arrangement is very delicate, so always handle it with care. Do not remove the roses from the box as this can damage their integrity. Caring for your Eternity Roses arrangement is simple, just keep in mind the information stated below.

Enjoying your Eternity Roses is that easy. Instead of wasting time and money in natural arrangements that last less than a week and ends up in the bin, when cared for properly, your luxury rose arrangement can last a year or more with minimal effort, no watering and no maintenance. They will look stunning gorgeous in your place all the time.

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